EMS Sejas Liftings Elektronisko Impulsu Sejas Pacelšanas Ierīces, ABS Gēla Spilventiņi Bezvadu Sejas Muskuļu Stimulators V Sejas Novājēšanu Exerciser
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EMS Sejas Liftings Elektronisko Impulsu Sejas Pacelšanas Ierīces, ABS Gēla Spilventiņi Bezvadu Sejas Muskuļu Stimulators V Sejas Novājēšanu Exerciser Specifikācija: Posteņa Nosaukums:Sejas Pacelšanas Ierīces Produkta izmērs: 235*65*15 mm Baterija: CR2032 litija baterija Materiāls: Silikona Režīms: 1 režīmu, 10 intensitātes Funkcijas: Izmantojot EMS elektronisko impulsu tehnoloģijas, sejas muskuļi tiek darbināti ar zemas frekvences microvibration.Push lieko tauku uz augšu, paceliet to cieši, un panāktu efektu V seju gaismas līnijām.Produkta Iekļauts: 1 x Sejas Pacelšanas Ierīces 1 x Uzņēmēja (ar pogu baterijas) 1 x Rokasgrāmata

  • Zīmola Nosaukums: QIUGUO
  • Funkcijas 3: V-Line Vaiga Zoda Novājēšanu
  • Produkts: Sejas Elektronisko Muskuļu Stimulācija
  • Atbalsts: Dropshipping, Vairumtirdzniecība
  • Izmērs: Medium
  • Iezīmes 1: Sejas Liftinga Massager
  • Pieteikums: Vadītājs
  • Modeļa Numurs: H101120
  • Vienuma Tips: Masāža & Atpūta
  • Materiāls: ABS
  • Izcelsme: KN(Izcelsmes valsts)
  • Funkcijas 2: EMS Muskuļu stimulācija

Tagi: masāža muskuļu pistoli, esc novājēšanu, desmitiem mašīnu liels, jade veltnis, v sejas lifter, mājās izmantot, eletric muskuļu stimulators, gēla nagu, gel pad lapiņas, desmit vienības.

Markova Laris
In the kit there are two pairs of helium patches that are necessary to carry out current fixing gum, key to open control unit and booklet with instruction. On the control unit there are two buttons to turn on/off and adjust the power. The massager works on the principle of all myostimulants, acts on the muscles with the help of electric pulses. At the first use, I did not have a very pleasant feeling, so I recommend not to tolerate, and immediately adjust the power level that suits you. Telegram channel aliexpress_sonno
A good device, it works properly. The product corresponds to the seller's description. Fast delivery by courier. The seller is responsive.
Zab Evgeni
Do not recommend!!
Delivery by courier service is less than a week before Moscow. Comes in a branded box. Mine is slightly with creases, but the massager itself is in perfect condition. A special device on sticky patches is able to achieve the desired result in a shorter time. This is due to the action on the problem zone. A number of changes occur under their influence. * Accelerates the process of splitting fat cells. * Improves blood circulation, which contributes to the saturation of tissues with oxygen and nutrients. * Exchange processes restore speed. This affects the complexion. * Muscles due to regular load acquire tone. * Wrinkles are smoothed. * Restored oval face.
Packed massager in a branded box. Included were instructions, two pairs of gel patch, fixing gum, the key to open the lid under which the battery is hidden. To start the massager, you need to glue patches. Glue blue film up. For on and off two buttons on the unit, they adjust the intensity. Then we fix the massager on the face and turn on. It does not hold very tightly, so I advise you to use an elastic band for additional fixation. pulse massager, to be more accurate, the feeling of him as if you are beat by a current. Not very nice, but beauty requires victims. And of course we do not forget that the massager of this type has contraindications. An interesting thing of course, who are not afraid of Microcurrent and there are no contraindications, I advise you to look closely.
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